June 02, 2019

Hello friends! BLVK Unicorn here, as always, to deliver you high quality e-liquid and to add a little extra fun to your vaping adventures! We’ve talked about juices, mods, flavors, and hope that it has guided you down the path of happiness with all things vape!

Today, we are going to turn it up another notch and share with you some of our favorite party tricks! We’ve told you how to puff some serious clouds, now we are going to show you what to do so that your vaping experiences aren’t just enjoyable for you, but for your company too!

There is nothing more entertaining for seasoned vapers than congregating and showing off your skills. Obviously, those massive vapor clouds are competition enough in themselves – but we are going to revert to the oldest tricks in the book and bring some fresher ideas to light! BLVK Unicorn is here to share our top five favorite smoking tricks! Obviously, the infamous O’s. This isn’t original to vaping, but it sure does have its own special look when it’s made of e-liquid and once it’s mastered, you will unlock some other super visually appealing talents.

Depending on your show setting, we can bet that you’ve experimented with lights and your vapor. Lasers are coming at sporting events, concerts, festivals, and sometimes even just walking down the street at night. We’ve found that there is nothing cooler than manipulating the light with your vape clouds! Combined with the smoke, the lasers react, creating fractals of all kinds – and let’s be real…who doesn’t like to look at trippy lights?

Another traditional but loved smoke show is working with your common drinking glasses. With the right technique and speed, you can exhale your cloud with slowness, almost as if you were pouring yourself a drink, and create an enticing swirl inside the glass of your choice! This is sure to impress even the most renowned vapers, because it just looks awesome every time.

I don’t know about you, but an intense vape battle can be as stimulating as any other competitive activity. Given the right props and speed of your delivery – sending those clouds through one end of a tube and shooting them across a table at your opponent is not only easy, it’s fun. For this one, you’ll want to make sure your lungs are filled to the brim and exhale with purpose and high speed. This is BLVK Unicorn’s very own version of battleship: vape edition and with a little practice and the right size paper towel roll, you’ll be taking down em’ down with each breath.

Last, but certainly not least – this one is appropriate for all crowds. Fogging up a casual board game night, or a crowded dance floor, adds a dramatic and sensual effect to any setting. All you need for this one is those mighty lungs, your trusted BLVK Unicorn e-liquid, device, and a dedicated attitude. Inhale long and deep for this one aim downward, you will have the room filled up like a fog machine in no time!