May 17, 2019

CLIC vs. Juul Who Will Win?

Hello BLVK Unicorn lovers and friends! Today we are here to talk about some competitive products flooding the vape market. As you know, the world of vape is diverse and catered to none other than the consumers, and we like our options! With so many choices for smoking out there, vaping has become one of the most popular and also most controversial forms among your average nicotine users.

While we always have the debate of whether it is the healthier choice over cigarettes, we want to look deeper into the scope of leading products and see how much they truly vary. Our topic of discussion? The infamous JUUL verses its trusty competitor, Clic. If you are not familiar with these brands, let us give you the skinny – they are definitely that! Sleek and smaller in size than your average vape mod, these brands offer easily accessible, on the go vapor, without the attachments or accessories. Chargeable, and reusable without the hassle of swapping out liquids, instead of buying bottles of e-liquid, you buy pods that click right onto your smoking apparatus. Available for around thirty dollars, the hardware itself is a deal.


Though this might seem ideal for the more than casual user at first glance but is it really a better overall product when you break it down? First things first, we should talk about the obvious element which could be a deciding factor for smokers – nicotine salts. This is the enticing ingredient when it comes to vaping for most of us, and these user-friendly pods are full of em'.


Aside from visual appearance, price point is always a huge contributor when deciding what e-liquid or e-cigarette is right for you. When you look at the bigger picture and really isolate the longevity of a JUUL or CLIC, you can see that e-liquid brands like BLVK Unicorn are far superior. A pack of refills equivalent to a pack of smokes will run you anywhere from $15-$30, depending on your location. Due to its accessibility, it will likely last you a lesser time.

We of course think that the freedom and selection battery packs and quality e-liquid and juice is better in the long run, but if we had to choose – BLVK Unicorn, we prefer CLIC over JUUL so matter which way you spin it. 

CLIC offers a larger variety of flavors, while JUUL requires brand specific pods and they do not have a huge selection to choose from. JUUL offers a high potency nicotine salt pod, but you cannot stray from their brand. CLIC allows you to try out other brands, like BLVK Unicorn, rather than constrict you to just their source and overall, we think the mods themselves are higher quality and more desirable when it comes to pre-fab modular choices.

BLVK Unicorn always encourages their loyal customers to do their research when it comes to deciding which e-liquid or e-cig to use. We want readers to gain the best possible smoking experience and we aim to share, guide, and assist you with your puffing adventures!


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