August 22, 2019


It seems like with every week’s edition of the BLVK blog, there is a new ban being put into place. Whether it’s the regulations being altered, the ban in television programs, or theme parks, BLVK Unicorn and other leading vape brands are constantly facing challenges. As our majestic unicorns know, BLVK Unicorn aims to stay afloat and continue to provide its loyal customers with premium e-liquid, created with the highest quality ingredients. Unfortunately, no matter the chemical makeup of our BLVK Unicorn vape juice, we still are recognized with the masses when it comes to these policies. 


As some of our readers might not know, in May, Disney began enforcing a ban on smoking sections in selected theme parks. The parks affected by this rule were California’s Disneyland and Downtown Disney, Florida’s ESPN Wide World of Sports and Walt Disney World, as well as all relevant water parks. 

While this is one of the easier bans to digest, given the overwhelming presence of minors, BLVK Unicorn wonders if e-cigarettes will continue to be a part of the same bans as traditional cigarettes, even with a less harmful effect on the human body. 

BLVK Unicorn continues to stand by its strict age policy and will continue to remind both readers and customers that we do not condone the use or sale of our premium vape juice to minors. According to Disney, the changes included relocating all smoking/vaping sections outside of our favorite parks. In hopes to create an even more magical experience for its visitors, this is one of the many changes they have made to their park rules and policies.  While other changes included restrictions on stroller size and allowance of ice and dry ice, the smoking rule seems to be the biggest alteration in guidelines. 

Alcoholic beverages remain available in certain establishments within park limits, while the use of e-cigarettes and products like BLVK Unicorn’s premium e-liquid must be enjoyed outside of the gate entrance. But, BLVK Unicorn and other vape juice brands are used to this sort of thing. Theme parks are not just for children and many parents have chosen to switch to a healthy alternative like vaping BLVK Unicorn’s premium vape juice, so it is hard to tell if this new rule is really making the experience more enjoyable for everyone or if it is simply just the right thing to do in the public eye. Disney has and remains to be an influential brand internationally. 

While we know you want to puff a sweet cloud of vapor after riding your favorite roller coaster, you will just have to wait Unicorns! Vaping has already faced bans in most establishments, even some that allow smoking indoors and we are sure this won’t be the last ban we face this year as a community! As always, BLVK Unicorn stands by our word to deliver the download on the vape scene to our faithful readers and to continue to speak out about regulation changes, no matter how small they are!

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