July 26, 2019

Who doesn’t love drinking games? Let’s face it, beer pong, flip cup, kings cup, never have I ever – chances are you have played some of these games, if not all. But wouldn’t it be refreshing if you could adapt these adored college drinking games and implement the use of your favorite BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid instead of alcohol?

BLVK Unicorn has come together to come up with some exciting idea to change in a fun, safe, and equally enjoyable way! If you really want to get frisky, you don’t have to completely due away with the drinking in the games, but maybe substitute a few rules for clouds of vapor instead.

For some vaping is a habit, others a hobby – but either way, people enjoy it because they have fun while doing it. By switching up your old games, you can enjoy the party with your favorite BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid.

Imagine you are playing a game of beer pong, instead of drinking a beer when the cup is made – your vaping buddy and opponent can take a drag off of their chosen device! This is a simple, fun, way to combine both the joys of vaping and your drinking game.

For a BLVK Unicorn favorite, king’s cup, there are several different ways to make this more exciting with your BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid. You could alter the original rules with your vape crew and make new rules that include in different styles of vape hits, or a certain amount of seconds to inhale! Additionally, you can really turn the game upside down, making your “king cup” a glass jar, so when a king is pulled, that person will add their favorite flavor of BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid to the cup! By the time the fourth king is pulled, someone is going to have a delicious mix of vape juice to fill up with! This will add an element of surprise to your vape party crew night and it is also a fun way to share a taste of your favorite flavors with friends!

Now the good old fashioned drink off. We know you do it, we’ve all done it. Drink offs can be intense, so BLVK Unicorn recommends a one on one or group “vape off,” instead. In place of a chug off, you could have a contest to see who takes the deepest direct mouth to lung hit, or who blows out the thickest, or largest cloud of vapor! You could see who can produce the best cloud within a set time frame, or even who can blow the best scented cloud of BLVK Unicorn’s finest.

Of course, our loyal unicorns are innovators, so you don’t have to play by our rules – but we hope we have provided you with some fresh ideas to get the ball rolling and switching up your Friday night hangout to a vape friendly environment. We like to be all inclusive as a community, so remember vaping isn’t mandatory, but fun sure is!

Thank You For Reading