June 21, 2019

Whilst most of us are fans of bodacious billows of scented vapor, BLVK Unicorn knows there is still a whole demographic of people who aren’t as privy to the vape life. So, lucky for you we are going to hook you up with some insider information on how to keep your ritual low key in times of need. So commonly tossed in the same category as smoking tobacco cigarettes, people can turn their noses up quickly to vapers too.

There are TONS of options for electronic smoking devices available to you, so when it comes to staying under the radar, it is a good idea to transition from your usual bulky mod, to something more compact and inconspicuous. BLVK Unicorn’s newest product, UNICIG is the ideal size, seeing as it is fits in the palm of your hand! But there are many types of e-cigs that will do the trick. Still, you can apply most of these tricks to usual vaping apparatus if needed, but if you can swap out for a pod device or prefab e-cig, you will be less likely to disrupt a crowd.

Obviously, if you are trying to keep it quiet, try to deter from blowing out those massive clouds you are used to exhaling while competing with your vaping friends. With a smaller device, your clouds will naturally be smaller too, but we know you strong lunged vapers out there can pull heaping breaths on even the tiniest of e-cigs!

Another weighing factor is of course, the smell. It is a lot more difficult to mask the scent of BLVK Unicorn UNILOOP premium fruit loop flavored e-liquid than it is to disguise strawberry or apple. Though any dessert or fruit flavor might be more noticeable something like BLVK Unicorn’s UNICIG spearmint flavor might be less altering of the senses. Try to focus on a flavor that is not overly robust for these types of situations.

Last and potentially the most important aspect of stealthy vaping is discretion. By utilizing a smaller, fully handheld device, it should be easy to cover it completely. By eliminating the attention by keeping your device out of sight, you can work on time management and taking small inhales. With quick movements, this will allow you not only to have a lesser chance of being spotted with your e-cig, but it will decrease the amount of vapor that is exhaled each time, causing the odor impact to stay minimal.

If you follow these simple strategies, as well as be conscious of your surroundings – whether it be in the office, a family gathering, or simply among friends, you should be able to greatly decrease the typical glares and judgements from non-vapers. While you should never have to hide your hobbies, us vapors are courteous in the sense of not wanting to disgruntle our peers and remain aware of the social stigmas surrounding vaping. As always BLVK Unicorn hopes to have shed a little extra light on how to have a more enjoyable vaping experience not only for you, but for all.

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