April 05, 2019

The Point

It's about time we get straight to the point. We have a new collab out now that'll leave you feeling nothing but satisfied. Now we know what you're thinking "Oh great, another nic salt device with bland flavors." Well, this is definitely not the case. Those of you that know BLVK Unicorn know that we're all about high quality goodies, and those of you that don't know us yet, welcome to the vape life like you've never had it before.

We know a thing or two about Nicotine Salts and we know quite a few things about Premium E-Liquids; but admittedly so, we're not so well-versed on the hardware end of things. CLIC, on the other hand has an exceptionally designed nicotine salt device. Boasting powerful, yet, convenient features, what's not to like when two powerhouses of vaping come together?

The Device

The CLIC, flaunting a large 350 mAh battery, this device is overpowered for its size. Optimizing your free space, this little pocket puncher is loaded with a pretty unique feature that allows you to use the hell out of it all day and not be left with a dead vape... well, as long as you have a source of power and a micro USB. Most devices can take upwards of 45 minutes to an hour to charge. This little beast only takes a whopping 15 minutes to charge. 

So even if you're not at a desk all day, you can pop this thing in for a charge on your lunch break and poof, in 15 minutes you're ready for war.  Fast charging is a plus but safety is also a key factor. The CLIC comes loaded with an internal temperature control to deter any overheating and damage to the fresh pod. No more wasting that precious juice! 

The Feel 

Now hardware specs are great and all, but what about the look? This thing is designed with style in mind. Coming in 4 different colors: Gunmetal Silver, Carbon Black, Pink, and Red, there's a color for just about everyone. More importantly, the actual feel of this thing. The Clic is designed to be an on the go device, hinting towards a compact outstanding hand feel.        

The Pods & Flavors

We wanted to pick the best of the best for this collab and you know us, quality always trumps quantity. With that being said, quantity isn't always a bad thing especially with the context to back it up. While other Closed Pod devices generally have between 0.5mL - 0.8mL pods, the CLIC has an above standard 1.5mL pod. In simple terms more juice = more enjoyment, especially when it's BLVK Unicorn.  

Saving the best for last, this article is nothing without proper love towards our e-liquids.  After all, without juice, there's really no point to the device. Without the device, what's the point of the juice? With both of these components being vital to one another, wouldn't it make sense for both of them to be the highest quality they can be?

We wanted our premium e-liquids to compliment this Nicotine Salt champ so we hand selected some of our best flavors. There's a brief list and description below.

    This blast of sweet lychee is blended with a hint of cool menthol to create an explosive chilled fruit flavor unlike anything you've experienced before.
    A delectable slice of strawberry shortcake, topped with sweet cream and graham cracker bits.
    Noticeably aromatic pineapple chunks are finished off with a layer of cool menthol for a sweet, yet exhilarating smoking experience.
    Inhale the rich and dark notes of a Cuban cigar along with a slight hint of vanilla for one refined Cuban cigar blend.
    Indulge your taste buds in the ultimate grape sensation, blended fresh plump purple grapes for a full spectrum of subtle and bold fruit notes with every vape.

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