July 26, 2018

In the world there are a few pairings that just cannot be argued against: peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, alcohol and a night of bad decisions, and vaping and gaming.  This is a lighthearted article as opposed to our more serious tone of issues.  We'll list out five commonalities between vaping and gaming; and how each of these commonalities further argue that vaping is just as much of a lifestyle as it is a smoking alternative.

1. it's a disruptive technology

Remember back in 1971 Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney officially launched Computer Space?   You probably don't because I didn't know that prior to writing this article.  Anyways, Computer Space was the first video game ever created.  Later that decade the same two individuals ran off to create one of the most iconic video game consoles in the world, the Atari.  Around that time, the mainstream emergence of video gaming ushered in a new standard of entertainment.  Typically, as a kid we'd have to endure 8 hours of school followed by a few more hours of homework.  For those "other" kids the latter half of the evening would be spent mindlessly grinding to get to that next level on the latest game.  This relatively new phenomenon fully took hold at the turn of the 21st century with the release of Microsoft's XBOX, Sony's PlayStation 2, and Nintendo's GameCube; where the average American would opt for a video game as their main source of entertainment instead of a book or watching TV.

This paradigm shift in preference is what is called a disruptive technology, and with the popularity of vaping now on a global scale, this can be argued the same.  According to several studies published worldwide, vaping is beginning to be one of the most popular smoking alternatives to the point where even Big Tobacco is looking to stay relevant with the release of their own branded e-cigs.

2. both have strong communities

When it comes to video games, particularly those in this day and age, there lies quite a strong sense of community.  Whether it be friends hopping online via Xbox Live, PSN, Discord, or Twitch, the whole point are for those with similar interests to connect to one another online.  When it comes to offline communities, gamers used to congregate at arcade halls whereas now it's the latest gaming tournament for Street Fighter or the LCS.  Vaping isn't any different.

    Online vaping communities have been around since vaping was developed.  Some of the most popular online communities include:

    The BLVK Unicorn team has even made it a point to establish its own Facebook group and a Reddit to offer education and your occasional troll, just for the opportunity to connect to more people that share the same love of Unicorns as we do.

    Offline, vapers have conventions, trade shows, expos, vape meets, even branded pop-up shop events where one can show off their latest setup.  All these different avenues of community sets aside the fact that most vape shops are basically the modern day pub seeing the fact that most retail locations boast ample seating and enough time on everyone's hands to effectively foster some of the best friendships one can ask for.

    3. geeks, geeks everywhere

    You know how you come across those that build their own PCs?  They go on and on about what kind of GPU they're using and what's powering it all?  I'm not going to get into the details on it, but, vaping is very similar in that sense.  The most common question asked both online and off is "What are you vaping on?" Vapers certainly love sharing what they vape on, as well as the device being used, the atomizer sitting on top, the build that particular atomizer has equipped, and even the accessories used to house the setup when not being used.  Vapers even go so far as to share how many full setups they have, because let's be real, if you only have 1 setup, are you really geeking out?

    4. competition dominates the space

    One of the earliest video game competitions was put on by Atari in 1980.  The Space Invaders Championship attracted more than 10,000 participants across the United States, establishing competitive gaming as a mainstream hobby.  Fast forward more than 30 years and you have competition gaming for just about every game out there, ie: League of Legends, Counter Strike: GO, Fortnite, etc.

    Following the spirit of competition, vaping can definitely get competitive.  We have cloud and trick competitions and back when vaping was even more popular, most of the prizes was real money!  Outside of the norm, one can compete in "handcheck" contests, giveaways, and even lighthearted "shit talking" all in the spirit of good fun.  In fact, many people got the rush pending the results of the #FundTheSuit campaign, where donors and supporters of the vaping industry raised $250,000 in only a week.

    5. it's a great way to unwind

    Let's face it - after a long day at work or school, what better way to relax than by kicking your feet up, popping in a game and mindlessly grind for hours on end?

    We have an answer that can top it - it's gaming AND vaping.

    We can comfortably estimate that at least 70% of the BLVK Unicorn team games regularly.  Aside from gaming, the feeling of filling up your tank with a bottle of UNIDew and exhaling a cloud is one of the best feelings in the world.

    Lets Add More To This!

    Do you think vaping has more commonalities towards gaming or towards other interests?  Drop us a line and we'll publish a few!