Phở Gà Số Một Opens Its Doors to the San Gabriel Valley Community

Phở Gà Số Một Opens Its Doors to the San Gabriel Valley Community

Phở Gà Số Một Opens Its Doors to the San Gabriel Valley Community

For as great as BLVK Holdings is at creating popular consumer brands, its roots date back to old school hospitality of enjoying a warm meal in the comfort of friends and family.  The opening of Phở Gà Số Một to the San Gabriel Valley community is testament to those roots.

With familial ties dating back to Vietnam and the eventual emigration to the United States in the latter half of the twentieth century, the family behind BLVK Holdings deemed it imperative to not only open up a family-run restaurant experience, but have the establishment serve as a gentle reminder of home.  The restaurant specializes in Phở, a Vietnamese comfort food consisting of noodle soup served hot that is topped with an assortment of meat and vegetables.

"Phở is a timeless dish that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. It's a staple that can take on so many different forms; so  we wanted to reimagine the dish we all grew up with as a family and bring it to our new home here in the SGV." - Raymond Yang, Chief Executive Officer of Phở Gà Số Một.

The restaurant makes it a point to travel back to Vietnam for a multitude of reasons.  Sometimes it can be as casual as seeing the family while other times it can be to learn the secrets their ancestors use to produce such a delicious bowl of soup.

Whatever the reasons might be, one thing is certain: Phở Gà Số Một has made it their mission to cultivate an experience of enjoying hometown comfort foods in a casual setting.  The team sources the highest quality ingredients locally to be able to capture a loyal customer base. And the team does this simply for the love of sharing a meal with those they love.

Phở Gà Số Một is located in Alhambra, CA and is owned and operated by BLVK Holdings.  BLVK Holdings provides marketing and operational support for the restaurant and is actively looking to expand its menu offerings.

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