Our Brand Portfolio

All the brands that we operate/market are owned by us. We do not market brands we don't have a stake in.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Since our 2016 inception, BLVK Holdings consistently delivers customer-focused, innovative brands worldwide.

E-Liquid / Nicotine Brand

2016 | BLVK E-Liquid

BLVK E-Liquid launched into the world at the 2016 ASD Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. Since then, the brand has developed 50+ unique product collections spanning over 80 countries around the world.

Infused Pre-Rolls / Cannabis Brand

2020 | Weedsy

Designed to provide users with a single-use, one-and-done solution to enjoying cannabis, Weedsy enters the California market with its flagship infused mini pre-rolls. Fast forward to present day and the brand is available in CA, AZ, and OK with several other states on the way.

Psychoactive Cannabinoids / Hemp Brand

2020 | Eighty Six

With the recent explosion in popularity around hemp derivatives, Eighty Six is an industry-leading manufacturer dedicated to delivering a cutting-edge, hemp-derived, psychoactive cannabinoid vaping experience.

Disposables / Nicotine Brand

2021 | Ello

Imagined by BLVK E-Liquid, Ello is a nicotine brand that embraces the shift in consumer preference towards the disposable electronic cigarette demographic. Since inception, Ello continues to push the envelope that is an exceptional, premium smoking experience.

Premium Extracts / Cannabis Brand

2022 | BLVK Label

Following the global cult following BLVK E-Liquid has garnered over the years, BLVK Label enters the Oklahoma medical marijuana market with its premium cannabis extracts. The brand is now available in the California recreational market with several states ready to follow suit.

Edibles / Hemp Brand

2023 | Melo Dose

Melodose is birthed out of the shift in consumer preference to enjoy hemp-derived, psychoactive cannabinoids in a more-controlled dosing fashion. The brand utilizes hemp-derived Delta-9 THC as a means to introduce new users to the cannabis world while still embracing the "made for all" approach to product diversification.

Edibles / Legal Psychedelics

2023 | Fun Guy

With the recent market popularity surrounding alternative psychedelic products, Fun Guy is a forward thinking wellness brand that harnesses cutting edge Amanita mushrooms to explore the more-introspective lifestyle behind enjoying a psychedelic experience.

Whole Leaf Tobacco Wrap / Tobacco Brand

2023 | Sweet Leaf

With smoking almost as old as time itself, Sweet Leaf was born out of both the necessity and curiosity to change the game. Their flavored whole leaf tobacco wraps add a modern twist on a classic experience.

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