Edibles / Legal Psychedelics

Fun Guy

Fun Guy is a psychedelics wellness brand geared around the legal, Amanita variant of psilocybin mushrooms.

Giving clientele and consumers a first look of the brand at the 2023 edition of the TPE Tradeshow, Fun Guy joins the BLVK Holdings family as the first legal psychedelic edibles brand. Looking into the rest of the year, the brand seeks to establish a dominant foothold in the space as popularity around the compound continues to surge.


Amanita Series

Amanita mushrooms consist of muscimol, muscaria, and ibotenic acid - all three of which are federally legal, hallucinogenic substances whose effects mimic a milder psychoactive experience Schedule I substance psilocybin, otherwise known as "magic mushrooms," are known to deliver.

During a period in society where acceptance and therapeutic efficacy leans in favor of psychedelics, Amanita mushrooms open accessibility of these products to a market almost unimaginable just a few years prior. And due to the relative new-ness of the substance, FUN GUY is presented with a unique opportunity to introduce this type of "skinny" and controlled psychedelic experience to its customers.

FUN GUY enters the new and burgeoning legal psychedelics market with Amanita-infused gummies. Each package contains five gummies totaling 1750MG. Each piece delivers a mild psychoactive 'high' that lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.