Weedsy Introduces Single-Use Cannabis Products to a Post-COVID World

Weedsy Introduces Single-Use Cannabis Products to a Post-COVID World

Weedsy Introduces Single-Use Cannabis Products to a Post-COVID World

Despite the dumpster fire that was the COVID-19 global pandemic, Weedsy managed to identify itself as a force to be reckoned with as California's newest up-and-coming cannabis brand.

California, standing as the mecca of all things legal cannabis in the United States, is often looked at as too-saturated of a market to compete in without corporate interest backing. It is an all-too-familiar sight to see a brand launch and fail within the year due to rising operational and marketing costs. Tack on the COVID-19 pandemic and the cards are quite literally stacked against operators.

Weedsy captures the single-use market segment, leveraging half-gram pre-rolls that make up for the lower product volume through flower and distillate infusion.  The end user experience is a more bang-for-your-buck reality than your traditional cannabis session.

"The COVID-19 pandemic presented us with a unique opportunity.  To compete in this space, we'd need to innovate our product in a way that's attractive to the consumer.  If the world is going through a global pandemic that focuses on the aspect of not sharing, well, the lockdowns effectively stamped itself on our pre-rolls.  You can very well enjoy your own personal cannabis product, on your own, and reasonably expect to not only finish it, but consistently afford it.  It's almost as if the stars aligned for this very moment." - Raymond Yang, Chief Executive Officer of Weedsy.

Due to the sheer market cap the California cannabis market holds, Weedsy does not look to establish the loudest and proudest image in the state.  Instead, it looks to expand its market share throughout the states.  If California is first, what is to stop the brand from expanding into neighboring recreationally legal states such as Arizona and Nevada?  And what about the medically-legal states such as Oklahoma? The future looks bright for a brand that is inherently different due to environmental factors.

Weedsy is owned and operated by BLVK Holdings.  BLVK Holdings provides marketing support out of its Southern California office while contracting the manufacturing and sales arms of the company out to its state-specific distribution partners.

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