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Eighty Six Enters the U.S. Market with Delta-8 THC Inhalable Products

Eighty Six Enters the U.S. Market with Delta-8 THC Inhalable Products

Eighty Six Enters the U.S. Market with Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC Inhalable Products

Given the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill effectively classifying hemp and all its derivatives as legal, Southern California-based Eighty Six Group enters the U.S. hemp market with Delta-8 THC-infused inhalable products.

Launching right out the gates with eight one-gram vape cartridges and five one-gram rechargeable disposable vape pens, Eighty Six revolutionizes the way in which users can enjoy psychoactive hemp products by associating flavor to strain.

"The traditional way of enjoying cannabis can stay squarely with the state-regulated marijuana markets. Hemp-derived alternative cannabinoids are the future, and the way in which people can enjoy them can be a new experience altogether." - John Margallo, Chief Marketing Officer of Eighty Six Group.

Eighty Six's Delta-8 THC products leverage Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, a naturally-occurring minor cannabinoid present in hemp, to develop ultra-potent and flavorful inhalable vape products. Unlike the state-regulated marijuana products that leverage cannabis-derived cannabinoids, hemp derivatives remain federally legal under the Farm Bill.

This spells a new frontier for the US, opening up entire states that would have otherwise outlawed the possession and sale of marijuana, to enjoy the very many benefits one can experience from a hemp-derived psychoactive product.

Eighty Six looks to expand its product offerings by exploring other alternative cannabinoids including, but not limited to HHC, THC-V, and other proprietary blend formulations all with the collective goal in providing its users with a one-stop shop experience.

Eighty Six Group is owned and operated by BLVK Holdings.  BLVK Holdings runs its sales & marketing operations out of Southern California and its manufacturing and distribution operations out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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