BLVK Unicorn Stays Ahead of the Curve With Its New Compliance Stance

June 04, 2018 1 min read

BLVK Unicorn Stays Ahead of the Curve With Its New Compliance Stance

Amidst the near-endless flow of negative publicity spanning both from government regulation agencies and the overall stigma towards vaping products, a very common issue that has arisen would be the easy-accessibility of products to underage individuals.  The BLVK Unicorn team just announced a solution to this issue in an email sent to its customers last week.  Here's what the email laid out.

The FDA regulates all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, hookah tobacco, and cigars.  Should a retail store or online site sell such products, the business must comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations.  These requirements under the Tobacco Control Act include:

  • Tobacco product sales are to be sold to persons age 18 or older (21 and older for certain states).
  • All businesses are required to check photo ID of persons under age 27 who attempts to purchase tobacco products.

BLVK Unicorn must ensure its clients are adhering to the new compliance requirements and is requesting the following information:

  • What age verification program(s) are being used during the online checkout process?
  • Submit proof of age verification service.

In an attempt to ensure the safe use of our products, the BLVK Unicorn team has established a proclamation, asking all of its clients to verify federal compliance requirements with our team within 15 business days should it remain an authorized retailer and/or distributor of its products.

Questions, comments, and concerned are always welcome.  Drop us a line!