The BLVK Fusion Collection Hits the US Market as Tobacco-Free Nicotine!

October 12, 2021 3 min read


Following up closely behind the release of the BLVK N' Yellow Collection, we're proud to introduce yet another collection to the BLVK family, BLVK Fusion!

Originally released exclusively to the international market, the BLVK Fusion Collection reimagines familiar favorites and gives it an all-new twist.  Featuring five flavors, each being more drool-inducing than the last, you are sure to fall in love with vaping all over again after a few puffs of our all-new collection.

On top of that, we've made the switch to Tobacco-Free Nicotine, offering you an even more tantalizing vaping experience by eliminating tobacco altogether!


We touched on what Tobacco-Free Nicotine was in our previous article as we introduced the BLVK N' Yellow Collection.  As a refresher, Tobacco-Free Nicotine is exactly as it's named.  It is nicotine that is not derived from tobacco, but rather, is an extract replica of tobacco-derived nicotine.

Tobacco-Free Nicotine maintains the same molecular structure and many of the same characteristics as traditional nicotine, such as being odorless and tasteless.  And the nicotine being synthetically-derived means the impurities that normally come with tobacco-derived nicotine is no longer present, thus making it a more attractive option to vapers.

While Tobacco-Free Nicotine isn't necessarily a new concept, in fact, it's been around since about 2016, the normalization of synthetic nicotine gained popularity over the last couple years, particularly as politics shifted against the vaping industry.

Nevertheless, we are proud to roll out our new collections as Tobacco-Free Nicotine!


BLVK has been around since 2016 and from our inception, we've always strived to completely change the game when it comes to delivering an exceptional vaping experience.  To do this, however, we had to vigorously study what other companies have done and how that translates into how vapers enjoy their e-liquids.  Something that we've found early on when we were R&D testing the collection was that there was an egregious lack of creativity in terms of generating complex flavor profiles.

Something as simple as taking a popular fruit like strawberry, adding menthol to it and calling it a day was something that we were NOT prepared to settle for.  This is how BLVK Fusion took root.  Our goal was to make the flavors truly mesh well together.  Thoughtful combinations meant for the thoughtful vaper that cares about what is being inhaled.

Without further ado, let's meet the collection!


Get hooked on this citrus overload made up of tangy tangerines complete with a lemon zest kick cooled to perfection.

When was the last time you found a lemon flavor that didn't taste like Lemon Pledge?  BLVK Fusion's Lemon Tangerine Ice effectively tamed the lemon beast by infusing the sweet, sour, and zesty notes of the lemon with something equally as zesty and sweet: TANGERINES!

Honestly, we should give our chemist a raise or something for coming up with a flavor combination that's not only difficult to master, but effectively slaps the world with creativity.

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Citrus Strawberry Ice brings on some serious chill-out vibes as this delicious fruity blend of sweet, ripe strawberries fuse with a refreshingly cool burst of citrus.

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


You won't be able to resist this ice-cooled blend of crisp and firm purple grapes bursting with flavor and coupled with tarty green apples.

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


This frozen splash of strawberries finished with a tangy fusion of kiwi and pomegranate is everything you'd expect from a puff of Kiwi Pom Berry Ice.

Like the Lemon Tangerine Ice, this familiar yet not so widely known flavor combination is just absolutely bonkers when it comes to vaping.  It's truly a fruity explosion just waiting to touch your taste buds!

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Indulge in this sweet and tart blend of passion fruits and grapes with an added iced menthol kick.

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine