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BLVK E-Liquid Creates Ello as Market Shifts Toward Disposable E-Cigarettes

BLVK E-Liquid Creates Ello as Market Shifts Toward Disposable E-Cigarettes

Ello Disposables Enter Closed Systems E-Cigarette Market

Despite consumer demand largely staying within the open e-liquids markets both domestic and internationally, there is a not-so-silent minority of regions that shift towards closed system, disposable e-cigarettes. And as technology advances, hardware becomes cheaper, and the recent announcement of the STMA/CNTC to pull e-cigarette manufacturing under the purview of the Chinese Tobacco Monopoly, it became financially viable for an e-liquids company to expand its product offerings to the world at large.

Ello Disposables, a spin-off of the award-winning BLVK E-Liquid, announced its ten unique product offerings.  Unlike closed system companies such as Puff Bar, the reputation BLVK E-Liquid possessed after years of market presence made this an easy transition.

"BLVK has over 5 years of brand development under its belt.  Creating a set of products based on consumer flavor preferences is something we are very used to. Figure out the powerhouse, mainstay flavors and present them in a way that attracts the consumer while still emphasizing that it's an all-in-one experience and you're golden." - Wilson Sun, Chief Executive Officer of Ello Disposables.

Ello Disposables rolled out into the market worldwide with ten, familiar, tried-and-true flavors.  The device is a sleek, tubular design housing the e-liquid reservoir and wick with the battery at the bottom, with a color-coded top around the mouthpiece region to differentiate its flavors.  The average user can expect up to 2500 puffs before needing a replacement.

Future development of Ello may include more flavors, different product collections to accommodate larger puff counts, a rechargeable function, proprietary pods and/or unique flavor combinations for specific regions.  With a highly-competitive market, anything and everything is on the table to further poise Ello as one of the most sought-after products in the world.

Ello Disposables are owned and operated by BLVK Holdings.  BLVK Holdings runs its sales & marketing operations out of Southern California.

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