Eighty Six

Eighty Six Rebrands Relaunches with a Whole New Look

Eighty Six Rebrands Relaunches with a Whole New Look

Eighty Six Has a Whole New Look

With an online retail platform with enough sell-through to effectively sell whatever they choose, Eighty Six once again shakes things up with a whole new look and feel for their brand.

Out with the old, and in with the new, has been the mantra for the rising hemp star. And intentionally not the first brand to enter the market with the latest in hemp and alternative products, Eighty Six remains one of the best brands to follow in the market to date.

This new rebrand was a long time coming. With the overall market starting to shrink, consumer discretionary budgets teetering towards hunkering down and weathering recession, and a seemingly endless influx of new players to the game, let's just say it's getting harder and harder to stand out in the market.

"We've been getting killed at distros not being able to afford our products. Then, once we actually land the deal, our packaging looks so small and invisible on the sea of vibrant color at your typical retailer. The final nail in the coffin was that the market was leaning towards multi-cannabinoid blends offered at much higher potencies for a lower ticket. All this had to change and we had to do it fast." - Wilson Sun, Chief Executive Officer

With the writing on the walls, the Eighty Six team sprung into action. Their bread and butter, the two-gram disposable vape pens, experienced a larger box, effectively giving the team more real estate to work with and having that bigger surface area catch the attention of a would-be customer browsing their smoke shop's shelf.

  • The other fast-moving ticket item are gummies, quite literally the easiest way to consume. The original Delta-8 and THC-P Gummies were offered at 500MG and 300MG respectively. In addition to experiencing a face lift, all of the gummies were upgraded in potency to 100MG per piece, totaling out at 1000MG of ultra-chill and highly potent extracts.

The Eighty Six team didn't stop there. While they did invest heavily in making their existing products competitive in the market, they also went back to the drawing board and rolled out several product collections to truly offer something for everyone looking for a break. Some of the new releases include:

  • Cloud 9 Series 2G Disposables featuring five strains
  • Cloud 9 Series 1000MG Gummies boasting the new and improved reintroduction of Apple Jade & Midnight Melon, two flavors that has since been retired post-transition to Oklahoma manufacturing
  • OMG Series Live Rosin Blend 2G Disposables, effectively turning Eighty Six from a single-cannabinoid, flavor-based brand to a multi-cannabinoid function based brand, keeping the brand competitive to consumer demand.
  • OMG Series Live Rosin Blend 1000MG Gummies featuring 3 new flavors that blend familiar favorites together for a complex, borderline-blackout-like high.
  • The redefinition of the vape cartridges which killed off six of the 8 strains and introduced the 2 best sellers from both the HHC and THC-P product series.

With all this change happening, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of things. Nevertheless, the team is hard at work continuing to push and dominate. We are proud of Eighty Six and we can't wait to see how the new releases pan out for their customers.

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