BLVK E-Liquid Launches the BLVK Bar at Total Product Expo

BLVK E-Liquid Launches the BLVK Bar at Total Product Expo

BLVK E-Liquid Launches the BLVK Bar at Total Product Expo

Today, our flagship brand BLVK E-liquid launched the BLVK Bar at the Total Product Expo in Las Vegas, NV. The BLVK Bar is one of the first 20,000 puff disposable e-cigarettes to hit the tobacco-free nicotine market. The product research & development, marketing, and media departments have spent nearly two years studying the closed system disposables segment to effectively create a product line that outperforms every other device in the space.

"With the BLVK Bar, we are not only keeping up with the market trend of e-cigarette brands rolling out disposable devices, but we are completely redefining the experience," said Wilson Sun, Chief Executive Officer of BLVK E-Liquid. "Our device outperforms everything else in the market. The battery lasts longer, the coils bring out more flavor, and you're getting all of that at the same price point you'd find anywhere else."

The BLVK Bar boasts an all-new device mold complete with a full-height LED screen, adjustable power modes, and fifteen unique e-liquid blends to choose from. Some of its other key features include:

  • Child-resistant on/off switch
  • 22ML e-liquid reservoir
  • Proprietary NIO-X™ Dual Coil Technology
  • Three variable voltage power modes that efficiently vaporize e-liquid without degrading the quality or lifespan of the coils
  • 800mAh rechargeable, high-capacity, and high-performance lithium-ion battery
  • USB-C recharging capability that can achieve a full charge from completely dead in less than 50 minutes
  • Anti-flavor burning protection during the recharging process
  • Rotary adjustable airflow control

BLVK E-Liquid continues to raise the bar and the BLVK Bar's premiere at the Total Product Expo is testament of that. It has been all-hands-on-deck since the project began and we now look to the future as worldwide proliferation of the device begins.

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