Eighty Six Expands into the Legal Psychedelics Space with FUN GUY

Eighty Six Expands into the Legal Psychedelics Space with FUN GUY

Eighty Six is Proud to Introduce FUN GUY

This has been a long time coming, but we've finally arrived at a product that is sure to be your one-stop shop for one unforgettable trip. Joining the BLVK family of brands and our first dip into the world of legal psychedelics, the newest addition of Eighty Six is FUN GUY. A fingerlickin' line of Amanita Mushroom Blended Gummies.

The FUN GUY collection features three classic gummies flavors - BlueRazz, Strawberry, and Watermelon infused with 50MG of our proprietary Amanita mushroom blend. The formulation is further enhanced with a 10x potency boost, giving these tiny, but might psychedelic gummies a very competitive stake in an otherwise saturated market.

The legal alternative to psilocybin, which is the psychoactive element in magic mushrooms is a an extract called Amanita muscaria. These red and white mushrooms are synonymous with popular culture for its very distinctive look. And with the help of some ingenuity in the lab, the BLVK Holdings team is proud to release FUN GUY into the alternative products industry as Amanita that actually works.

"We've been toying around with formulations since we teased the availability of Fun Guy at the 2023 Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas. Turned out that several other companies were trying to jump on the Amanita craze at the same time. After trying some other companies and its lackluster psychedelic experience, we decided to pump the brakes, get back to the lab, and get to work on perfecting a winning formulation that will consistently take you to that higher level each and every time you dose." - Raymond Yu, Chief Product Engineer of FUN GUY.

FUN GUY is definitely not the first brand to enter into the Amanita market. There are literally tons of other brands that distribute to the wider marketplace but without really thumbing down their formulation. In this particular case, it's not always the best to be first, but rather, it is always better to be the best.

Now that a winning formulation has been developed, the future looks bright for the FUN GUY brand as the product engineering team now looks to expand into Amanita shots, an assortment of other edibles, and maybe vaporizer inhalables to further complement the Eighty Six hemp-derived offerings.

The FUN GUY Gummies are set to release exclusively on the Eighty Six website and to a handful of large-scale distribution networks in 49 states. Testing is already underway and should hit shelves in the next few weeks.

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